Saving Lives, One Mile at a Time

About Us


My name is Cheryl Nielsen, owner of Sporting Hope. I am committed to rescuing dogs and finding them a home where they can be cared for and nurtured for the rest of their days.  It is my goal to make sure that I do all that I can to save these animals.  A lot goes into this process and it could not happen without a network of committed people. I would love your support in helping me in these efforts.

First, transportation is needed to get dogs to safety. Sometimes this we are able to house our rescues locally. On many occasions we travel hundreds of miles to Oregon and Washington to bring them to safety.

Once rescued, we make sure we do everything we can to make them adoptable.  This includes everything from having each dog spayed and neutered and having all their shots to more serious, extensive and long-term care.  For example, Romo (shown in the upper left hand corner of the picture to the left of the screen) required surgery to his legs.  His surgery cost $1000, but gave him a quality of life free of pain.


required the same type of surgery as Romo.
(shown here
after surgery and after adoption)

Our job is to provide a networking opportunity to unite rescue animals with their new homes.  This requires hours spent at the shelter interacting, vaccinating and taking pictures to find safe places for them the go until their adoptive families are found.  This is a very rural, poor community.  Facebook has been vital in our efforts. Without this resource, these dogs would have no way out.  

 The shelter went from 99% euthanasia
to about 20% since April 2012

The link to Avenal shelter on Facebook:  //
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