Saving Lives, One Mile at a Time


We are proud to be a part of the Calican Rescue Foundation in Canada. 
This alliance has proven to be an amazing partnership for so many reasons:

In the Fresno area, approximately 35,000 dogs are euthanized per year.
These numbers are provided by shelters and rescues. Not included in these numbers are the countless dogs still running loose that often end up as road kill.  In Central California, small breads such as chihuahuas or dachshunds are known as a “throw away pet” or a "dime a dozen."  In Alberta, these small breads are quite sought after. It only made sense to form a partnership to rescue them, make them healthy and bring them to Canada.

CaliCan’s goal is not only to rescue the California dogs and find them homes in Alberta, but we are also working towards putting a dent in puppy mills in California and Alberta. Education on why it is important to spay and neuter your pets.

A great dog could also be a mutt. All dogs deserve a chance to find a home.

Our process is to post information about dogs whom are still in California, then fly them down when there’s solid interest. Sometimes we just take a chance and bring one down regardless of a request. We will have the potential adopter fill out a screening questionnaire, then if everything looks good, we will meet the adopter at their home. If things look great, we proceed with the adoption. Adoption fees cover the cost of the flight, medical care, and supplies (never more than $280/dog). It’s as simple as that!

Check out more information on Calican at

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